Getting Dutch education on top of international eSkills rankings

Microsoft IT Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy will be introduced in the Netherlands, in the years to come. One of the main targets is embedding of certification in education. Envolve conducts the introduction programme.

Competing on the labour market
People in educational settings benefit directly when they are enabled to make better use of their computers and software. For that reason, the Microsoft IT Academy was developed; an online learning environment enabling teachers, employees, students and (parents of) pupils to learn all about the use of Microsoft software. Institutes of secondary and higher education in the Netherlands will have unlimited access to the IT Academy from 2012 up to 2014. This will endow workers, teachers and students with sufficient computer technical skills to be competitive on the 21th century labour market.

Our commission
Commissioned by SURF market, SLB services, APS IT services and Microsoft, Envolve has developed a programme strategy and manages its execution. On behalf of the introduction of the programme, a smart lever was conceived of to enable market parties to join the programme. This has largely increased the impact of the programme. Also, a lot of attention was paid to cooperation between education, government and market parties.

The result
Within time and budgetary limits, a strategy was developed that was supported by all parties involved. The project organisation is already set up. E-learning and certification are embedded in the web shops of all partners. Over 30 coaches have been trained. The supporting programme is running and the communication campaign has started.