Huiskluis ('House Safe')

Community for owners of housing objects

Huiskluis ('House Safe')

The Huiskluis ('House Safe') allows you to gather and re-use information on buildings, both private and corporate. It was developed as part of a national pilot: Linked Open Data. Envolve came up with the idea, and worked it out, together with partners from the pilot.

Huiskluis from Paul Francissen on Vimeo.

The Huiskluis 'knows all about your house'. It contains links to data/information of local authorities (municipal population register), companies and institutions, but also of house occupants and actual owners. The Huiskluis offers occupants and owners of housing objects (private residences, office buildings, organisation buildings, et cetera) easy access to information and allows them to share it safely with suppliers, local authorities, neighbours, social workers and others. At the moment we are in the process of developing a prototype.

Our role
Envolve thought up the Huiskluis concept and has supervised its development in the Applications work group of the Linked Open Data pilot.

The concept was further elaborated with representatives of Arcadis, CGI, GemGids, Geonovum, KNAW/DANS, Royal Haskoning DHV.

The Huiskluis concept has contributed to the goal of the Linked Open Data pilot by demonstrating that it is possible to collect information on housing objects from different sources, and to allow for retrieval of that information on behalf of new services.